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Petition for Mr. Chen Wu, Yulin Governor 
URGENT: Stop The Yulin Dog & Cat Festival, Save Thousands Of Animals Now! 
Time Is Running Out! 10,000 Dog's and Cat's Lives Are On The Line
Sign The Petition Now To Stop The Horrible Yulin Dog & Cat Festival!

Every June in Yulin, China, a horrific festival is held to sell the bodies and meat of tens of thousands of stray and kidnapped pet dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Each year when the Yulin Dog Festival time comes near, people will abduct pets from yards and homes and drive them to be sold to the festival for a quick buck. Subjecting these innocent animals that once had loving homes and owners to horrendous, torturous and barbaric acts. It was started by chinese dog meat traders as a way to boost business and attract the community, they keep the animals from eating or drinking for days, they are forced into small cages along with tons of other dogs and cats having no choice but to spend their final days in their feces and urine. These animals of all ages; that have done nothing wrong, have become an incredibly inhumane attraction for the people of Yulin and all those who travel to participate in the event. They are alone, sick and scared. We have to do something about it. 


These puppies and cats and dogs are set on fire while they are still alive, and boiled in scorching hot water alive to bring out “better flavor” in the meat. They are strung up by their necks and physically abused so the adrenaline released will make their meat taste better. Skinned alive. The torment just doesn’t end for these poor animals. We need to stand together if they are ever going to make a change and stop the Yulin Dog Festival all together. Not only is this event disgusting and primitive for this day and age, but it is posing a huge danger to the people participating in it as well. Such as massive rabies outbreaks, horrible disease spread from the unsanitary meat to the people of china, subjecting the young people to violence, social instability, sabotage of making an attempt at a harmonious society, and more. They are transforming their society into a bigger, scarier monster one year at a time. We all need to speak out a sign this petition to show them the negative effects this cruel festival has on everyone, not just the animal lovers and activists here in America. But their people are taking damage from it as well. It needs to be stopped.

The good news, is that the chinese government really is feeling the pressure. According to the Guardian Newspaper, the country has started regulating the dog meat trade, and sales dropped by a third from 2013-2014. 

We have their attention, now let’s finish the job! We can save thousands of dogs and cats if we stay persistent and dedicated. Sign the petition to show them we are serious about ending the abuse! As part of signing this petition, we will also keep you informed via email about our progress and opportunities to do more.

I'm Signing Below To Put A Stop The Yulin Dog & Cat Festival 
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